Happy Easter!

jvanderlee posted Apr 4, 15

We, the staff team of Minevival, wish you all a happy easter!

In order to celebrate this event, we've launched a special event package in the shop which can be obtained using some of your website points. On top of that, we're having a 15% shop discount.

Easter Discount

Click the image above to get to the shop!

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New rank - Immortal

jvanderlee posted Mar 15, 15

Hello community,

Some weeks ago we received a suggestion to add a new donator rank; "Immortal".

This wasn't the first time this was suggested, and so we decided to implement it.

Some of its perks might still change but these won't be hard nerfs or buffs.

It is currently in a minor launch sale for 1 week.


                                     Click the image to get to the shop!

- Staff team

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