We're out of time - 1.8

jvanderlee @ Minevival Main
posted 11 hours ago
Hello community,

Ever since 1.8 came out all of you wondered when MineVival would update to the new version, which is understandable. Most of you know about the issues which were going on regarding the future of Bukkit and the "sued" Spigot team, which made 1.8 something to forget to a lot of servers.

Okay that's enough intro talk, let's get to some facts. When most of our software started to run bad, we had to do a lot of patches to keep this ship from sinking. Now the leaks are getting too overwhelming and we need to move on to a new ship (1.8). However some of the loot plugins might not make it to the new ship. We're going to update our server(s) to 1.8 sooner than we had planned. Because of the pressure from the software we run currently, this might bring some temporary trouble.

Hereby we schedule a downtime for all servers, starting around 25 jan 14:00 CET till UNKNOWN (estimated time for main server is some hours, we might ask for some people to help us finding bugs, if you would like to help us you can say so in the comments and we might pick you :P). The PvP server may be down for a longer time.

PS. Jasper has officially been promoted to Admin, make sure to congratulate him!

Let's hope for the best,
- Staff Team

Server online!

jvanderlee @ Minevival Main
posted Jan 16, 15
Hello community,

After one and a half day of work we've got the servers online again, running better than before!
I'm still working on some minor bugs but you might experience the gameplay will be more smooth now.

We're sorry for the downtime and in order to compensate for you guys a bit, we'll do a little web-shop sale of 15% OFF for both standard currency and Website Points! and extra points on voting!
These extra's will start right now and end at CET 23:00 (Sunday).

- Staff team
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Is there a way to give websitepoints to a friend?
chrisvvelsen tagtag when comes mc craftbook back i still got probs now with my lift signs and door switches