Hello community!

Today we were finally able to release the very first MVcampaigns DLC map trailer, featuring TheFarmerNL's Farmlands!

Before reading this post, make sure to check out the trailer :)

I'm pretty sure none of you actually know exactly what the feature "MVcampaigns" is. I will try to explain the basics in this post while an advanced guide / wiki will be made for when we release this feature for public use.

So, MVcampaigns is another custom plugin project which was started as some kind of parkour minigame replacement for the main server (because the SG server got removed). However during the development of this plugin a bunch of features got added which made this plugin something more than just a parkour minigame...

The Farmlands is a DLC map which means it's a premium privilege, there will be public maps soon but they won't be as awesome as the DLC maps (most likely :P). Besides that, DLC maps will be based upon a staffmember's theme. Awesome isn't it :D

Basically a campaign is a map with multiple levels in it, think about it as if it's just some parkour minigame in which you have to complete different parkour tracks. In MVcampaigns however, these "parkour levels" are not only a lot more challenging and fun, they also come with tons of features. Combining the levels around some story & map makes that all complete in our opinion!

To give an example of what the Farmlands is & does, let's go trough some examples.
Once you claim this DLC map, you will be able to open the Farmlands Campaign interface (upon closed beta release) in which you can see an overview of every level included in the Farmlands Campaign.
In order to get to level two, for example "TheFarmerNL's Stables" you will have to complete the first level. So it basically has a level-unlocking system. In the Farmlands you'll find 8 levels, each with its own difficulty, parkour-type (maze, speedrun etc.), length, game-type (multi/single player) and loot indication.
The difficulty depends on the time limit, eventually jumps and stuff like that. The length is an indication of how long you would need to complete the level and how long the time limit is.
Multiplayer means you will need 2 players to start the level & complete it. About the loot indication, yea of course there's a reward at the end of each level :)
The rewards vary from tokens to special equipment and can be obtained once per player per level. On top of that, we added in a competitive aspect: records.
Because, wouldn't it be a little bit boring playing the same level over and over while you already looted the reward chest? 

The record feature allows you to set the fastest time in each level for which you will be rewarded as long as nobody manages to get a faster time! For example:
Player1 completed the first level of the Farmlands and did this in 1 minute and 3 seconds, this is the fastest time of the server and because of this the name of Player1 and his/her record-time are listed into the level interface of the Farmlands as long as nobody manages to break that record. As long as Player1 has the fastest time he will be rewarded every X hours with some money :)
 On a side note, there will be music and a timer on your screen (and deadline timer) using a new 1.8 API which will make it even more awesome. The interface itself will be very well designed and detailed too.

Now, let's get not into details too much. There's a lot I could tell about this upcoming feature but you'll see it by yourself soon enough! All I can say it will be revolutionary awesome and unique :)

Some people might have seen the shop description of this DLC package already, but I would like to announce that everyone who donated during the October sale instantly gains access to this DLC map because of the delayed project MVpets (more information about this will follow up later)

Here's a list of the people who claimed CLOSED BETA access so far! 


Stay tuned for more news!

- Staff team