jasper512 tag posted Oct 21, 14
Hello Fellow MineVivalers!

We have added a new minigame plugin, called SkyWars. This is simmular to the skyblock plugin, but it gives you one more feature, you can attack the three other islands, and kill them. You can join a game by doing /warp SkyWars. Make sure to choose a kit before you walk through the portal. We have made 3 kits, a kit for members, a kit for donators, and a kit for VIP's (SG rank, will be added later). We will add items with epic lores, and effects later.

Please report bugs to a staff member, so we can fix all the problems. You can post all your suggestions in the comment section.

Here is a picture for the people who haven't played the game yet:

~Staff Team
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gorilla53 @ Minevival Main
Arr, the new 1.8 map has been out there for quite a few hours on the PvP server. Please check it out :) You can acces the 1.8 map by using the Random TP portal at spawn. It would be appreciated if you would comment and tell us what you think of this map! In return, here's a picture of a pirate hideout with some loot on the PvP server:
x= -360
z= -----

About the old world: You have until October 28th, then the old world will be removed. You can start moving your stuff now. Good luck with raiding and be safe, may the odds be ever in your favor!
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je wordt inderdaad zo geraid
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gorilla53 @ Minevival Main
_epic_miner_ tagtag Menno kon je miss geen mix van normals biome and costume biome maken?