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jvanderlee posted Sat at 12:15

Hello community,


Most of you were aware of the ongoing trouble regarding towny not saving new files lately. I might have fixed this issue for now, however in order to get this fixed we had to use an old backup (4 days old).

I'm aware of people losing their money because of these "rollbacks" within towny (remember, the rollbacks only affect towny) and I'm willing to give back money to people who lost a lot. For now I recommend everyone to keep most of the money out of the townbank untill further notice.


Seems like the backup we're using was no success on the longer run, we're now running an even older backup. Bare with us in our crusade to find the stable path within towny once again.

Let's get to the better part of this post, shall we :P

So, everyone who is reading this post noticed we've got a whole new website design implemented. We've spend a lot of hours into it and we hope you like it so far! Yes, so far, because most of it has yet to be released (Hint: the picture of this post has something to do with it aswel, however that's just a sketch).

In order to celebrate the new website design, we're launching a sale of 25% OFF every item in the shop. This sale is for real currency only! (Don't worry we've got something for the website points soon enough!).

Let's end this post with some more news; Expect our new epic feature "MVtokenquests" to be released within 20 days! More information about ongoing projects coming soon.

- Staff Team

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