New rank - Immortal

jvanderlee posted Mar 15, 15

Hello community,

Some weeks ago we received a suggestion to add a new donator rank; "Immortal".

This wasn't the first time this was suggested, and so we decided to implement it.

Some of its perks might still change but these won't be hard nerfs or buffs.

It is currently in a minor launch sale for 1 week.


                                     Click the image to get to the shop!

- Staff team

Silfok tagtag Please dont sent this in the main section next time...
meepcraft24 tag hello i have been jailed because i was "advertising" all i was trying to do was ask a friend to join me on ano ...

Skyblock added!

jasper512 tagtagtagtag posted Mar 5, 15

Hello Community!

After a lot of problems, we managed to add the skyblock plugin. Skyblock requires the newest version of worldguard. Some of our plugins still worked on the old version of worldguard, and didn't work on the new version. We found some other plugins to replace those, but we still had a problem, our regions wouldn't load. After a lot of thinking and trying, we found a way to fix this. We had to clear the worldguard files, let the new version generate new files, and add the old regions to the region files. We tested this, and it still didn't work.

But! We found a solution, we had to remove all the regions that were made by areaprotect (sorry!) and it worked! This means that things that were protected by areaprotect aren't protected anymore. We'll try to find a plugin to replace areaprotect as soon as possible (suggestions are welcome)

Another plugin that wasn't working with the newest version of worldguard was regionforsale. We replaced this by another plugin, and we'll set it up as soon as possible. You can't rent a market for now (We moved the stuff from your market stall to your home if you had one).

But, let's go back to the good news, Skyblock is added! Some of you knew this plugin from the Survival Games server. I really liked it, but it got way better! A menu will open up when you type /is. (You can only do this at /warp skyblock!) 

And the last thing: VIP is coming back! You will be able to buy this rank, and it will give you some advantages on your skyblock. You will be able to change your biome, you will be able to lock your island so other people can't enter and your food bar will go down slower.

If you find any bugs, please report it to me, so we can fix it :)

~Staff Team

Nezakov tag how can i come to skyblock??
BrokenWhiteFox tag jasper what about people who already had vip on sgs like me?