After sitting here for hours on end I've decided on who will win this giveaway. It has taken a lot of thinking and choices to decide on this so lets give these guys/girls a big round of applause for winning! First off, I'd just like to say that I will not be giving them the ranks until I am back home on the 23rd, but these are the winners and these are the people that will get the ranks. I would also like to apologize to all the people that did not win as I am just as depressed as you are. If I could buy everyone on the server a rank then I would but I just can't. Well, without further ado here are the winners!





Due to an issue with the site not showing players badges when someone else buys them a rank, I have had to edit the list a few times. Congrats to the added on winners. ^-^
JakeRocks40422 Sorry My Name is JakeRocks40422
Martijn76 tag my friend daan76 havent the rank
JakeRocks40422 Im back on srry I was in Wv.
Hello dear members of Minevival!

This post is here to clarify a few things and to inform you about your last chance on donating:

Uela official MV-statement:
Mojang clarifies that all current ranks should be available for others on the deadline, or they should be deleted.
We don't want our legends and other donators to be left out, they keep their rank, and the rank will be obtainable through an immense amount of ingame-money (you could say abusing a flaw, but in the real word it is just politics.)
1. A few names will be changed, such as Donator and Sponsor, simply because we may not have those names anymore because they are donating-related. They will probably be changed into Noble or something like that. (legend, gamemaster etc. are okay!)
2. Also we could change a few perks, but this has not been set in stone yet, it all depends on the Uela. If we change perks we will add perks to compensate, you will be better off eventually!

Mojang clarify's that no pay to win packages and items should be obtainable with real currency.
We have some plans to continue the donations, we'll look for flaws in the system. thus far we found a few. We are also doubting on a serverwide xp boost or something like that, bought by 1 player. Nonetheless, we got plenty of ideas. But know! You will not be able to buy ingame ranks as of August 2014. Period.

Ps. We even think the Uela will be a good thing for MV, big servers will shut down, player
s will be looking for other servers -> therefore us. In addition the big servers won't be able to out-advertise us as they do now.

30% off and last chance of donating!
Steam summer sale ended? MineVival starts his one!
This will be the last month we will sell ingame packages, this all because of the Uela! After this July you will never be able to buy legend or another donator-package of some sort ever again!

This is also the reason we knock off 30% of all prices! So you can still obtain the rank you always wanted to have. The sale will starts right now, and will end at the end of July, so keep your eyes pealed.

Happy shopping :3

- Staff Team

TheFarmerNL a @Wwillem_xD: The shop will remain open until July the 31st (on a Thursday), after that we are forced to close the shop. ...
Wwillem_xD tag Huh, it says you can buy a rank untill tne end of august. But it says too that will not be able to buy ranks after and o ...
Endermen4321 Do you know how many points or in game money the ranks will be?
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