Hello fellow Minevivalers,

The moment has come for me to officially say goodbye to this amazing community. As you might have noticed in the last year I've been quite inactive and I've not come online ingame for ages. I did do some background work every now and then, but that was nothing really significant. In this news post I'd like to explain why I quit right now and I'd like to explain a bit about the situation with Minecraft servers, as that's also one of the reasons for me to stop.

Starting a year ago, I lost more and more motivation to continue to work on Minevival. I also had this project from school, the Lego tank, that I worked on for half a year and I was kind of exhausted when it was finally finished (still going to make a video about it). By then, it was almost August the 1st and that was the day that Mojang would enforce their EULA. Despite of this deadline, I couldn't get my things together and start working on stuff in order to comply with the new EULA, or to better the server in another way.

August the 1st passed by and, well, we were by far not ready to comply with the new EULA. I did close the shop for hard currency at that time just to be sure. The next few days after that I kept looking for signs from Mojang that they were enforcing their EULA, but nothing happened... So I opened the shop again and I decided to approach this issue differently: by keeping the shop open until Mojang would contact us. That way I gave myself some time to get some rest and to celebrate the vacation a bit and I thought, that after a while, I would get motivated to work on Minevival again. Unfortunately this didn't happen.

One week ago, I heard that Mojang was starting to take some actions in order to search for servers that were violating their EULA. So I started to realize that, probably, this enforcement was real and that, maybe, there is no way around it. Still, I could not get myself motivated enough to prepare stuff in case we would get contacted by Mojang, not even a little bit.

Then, all of a sudden, about 3 days ago, I read something on bukkit.org, something that I could not imagine that it would ever happen: The main developer of Craftbukkit, EvilSeph, announced that their platform would no longer be updated. Craftbukkit, where almost ALL servers rely on, and what made Minecraft servers so enormous popular, would cease to exist. This is, of course, the worst news to read for any server owner out there.

Fortunately, shortly after that, Mojang jumped right in, saying that they would take over the task to update Craftbukkit to 1.8, taking the worries of that part away. But, what they also mentioned, was that Craftbukkit won't become their Official API, which means that whenever they release their API, that Craftbukkit would probably still be shut down. This means, that after a bunch of work to comply to the EULA, that we have yet another bunch of work in the future in order to update everything to work with their API. This was for me the straw that broke the camel's back, or translated from Dutch, the droplet that did overflow the bucket (kind of matches better with the topic here :P ). After this news I decided to stop.

When I told Jelle (jvanderlee) about my decision and about the uncertain future for Minecraft servers, he told me that he would still try to keep Minevival alive, to the bitter end if he needs to, even though it would mean that he had so much extra work to do. I have a lot of respect for that and I think you guys do too.

As I'm giving all my tasks to Jelle, I think it is more than reasonable that I will leave Minevival as good as possible. This means that I'll be updating the server to 1.7.10 soon (last update I did is about 3 months ago lol, so probably a lot has changed). I'll also give support for this update for when something does not work anymore or when bugs appear. And finally, I'll update the permissions so they hopefully make more sense, and so they are easier to convert to whatever Jelle (and the staff) wants in order to comply with the new EULA.

After that, I think you won't see me for a long time. I'm going to be even more inactive than I already was :P . Maybe, just maybe, when the Official Server API from Mojang is released and the future of Minecraft servers is clear again, and when my motivation has recovered, I might return. We'll see if that ever happens, I do hope so. In the meantime, I will continue my relationship with Minevival by supporting Jelle whenever he needs help / advice or when there are problems with the dedicated server, but as that's background stuff, you guys would probably not notice any of that. I'll also remain administrator on the website, just in case I need to fix something there, but my Owner tag will be removed. That way my status as Staff member will end officially and people won't ask themselves why an owner is so inactive ;) I already gave Jelle the ownership of this website, so he has access to do everything now.

A big thanks to everyone, players, donators and above all, staff, for making all this possible and for allowing me to have this experience. Minevival was and will be one of the best hobbies that I have ever had. I really enjoyed my time with you guys and I hope to see you again one day. I wish Jelle and all the staff the best of luck with the continuation of Minevival and with all the projects that come with it!

Very kind regards,
Marco / TheFarmerNL
56skids tag Bye Marco Even though I don't play on MV anymore, I really hope this server stays alive. ...
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Please read everything, this is not a normal top voters post ;)

Thanks to everyone for voting this month! This is probably the last month where we have extra rewards for the top 10 voters. Due to the new EULA and the changes that come with it (news post about this will follow) we have decided to change the vote rewards too. This means no more Top 10 voters, but more like people who vote x times in a month, or in 2 months, or in 3 months, etc. We will work this out and hopefully explain it in another news post somewhere in August.

For now, let's congratulate the Top Voters of this month!

Here the list with the Top Voters (Thanks alot!):
1. TheOnlyGirlWith 267 votes price: €50 -> 10000 points
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Winners will receive their points within 10 minutes. These points can be spent in our shop.

The vote counter on our website will be automatically reset tonight at 00:00 CET. Remember, there will be no Top 10 voters next month, but we would really appreciate it if you continue to vote for Minevival until we have a new reward system. We will of course continue to give $500 ingame money and 1 diamond each day when you vote on all serverlists!

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