Main 1.8 - IMPORTANT

jvanderlee @ Minevival Main
posted Mon at 17:57
Hello community,

This is a rather important message so I would like to keep it short.
The updating was a struggle but we managed to get most of our features working (lobby is up as we speak).
Features like towny and the current worlds remain fine. However there's some features which aren't working right now.

Major feature:
- Lockette (Lockette itself works BUT Mojang forgot to include brackets " [ & ]" in the conversion to 1.8 which means every "[Private]" sign now turned into "Private" In short: You have to reclaim your chests! We'll be very strict regarding claiming chests of other people or stealing for the time remaining!

Minor features:
- markets (rent system)
- particle effects (REMOVED)
- craftbook
- Endertravel (REMOVED)
- Portals

- Most of the minor features might be fixed upon opening of the main server!
- We'll add a 1.8 world after a few days of running if everything runs the way we want, this world will have a worldborder!
- The current (old) worlds new chunks are 1.8 aswel!
- You can craft, use and do basically everything you would expect from 1.8!
- Because a lot of plugins had to convert to UUID data, chestshops will not work until the owner of the shop is online! (If we're right, if not we'll fix this later on!)
Stealing will not be allowed for a couple of days / weeks! Doing this will result in a ban.

More might be added to this post.
chrisvvelsen tagtag laat de server gwn open voor ieder geval donators dan ik wil verder met MV
Thijssijss tagtagtag Add that we will be able to change spawners to bunnys ...
meh_own tagtagtag Welp, there goes all my items because I'm inactive. People will still steal out of others chests regardless,

We're out of time - 1.8

jvanderlee @ Minevival Main
posted Sun at 4:31
Hello community,

Ever since 1.8 came out all of you wondered when MineVival would update to the new version, which is understandable. Most of you know about the issues which were going on regarding the future of Bukkit and the "sued" Spigot team, which made 1.8 something to forget to a lot of servers.

Okay that's enough intro talk, let's get to some facts. When most of our software started to run bad, we had to do a lot of patches to keep this ship from sinking. Now the leaks are getting too overwhelming and we need to move on to a new ship (1.8). However some of the loot plugins might not make it to the new ship. We're going to update our server(s) to 1.8 sooner than we had planned. Because of the pressure from the software we run currently, this might bring some temporary trouble.

Hereby we schedule a downtime for all servers, starting around 25 jan 14:00 CET till UNKNOWN (estimated time for main server is some hours, we might ask for some people to help us finding bugs, if you would like to help us you can say so in the comments and we might pick you :P). The PvP server may be down for a longer time.

PS. Jasper has officially been promoted to Admin, make sure to congratulate him!

Let's hope for the best,
- Staff Team
Obelt_X tag Now pvp gets even less fun , And pls make it so that tou can play on 1.7 and 1.8
Mr_Raw tagtag i'd like to try helping, because later when applications come out lethalkeith told me to give it a shot
REDGASTER tagtag When will we be able to play again, and is it then 1.8? ...